CMIS Thai Curriculum

CMIS recognizes the multicultural backgrounds of our students. Therefore, to ensure the best learning experience, we have designed two distinct curricula for Thai and international learners.  

Thai students

For Thai students, being successful global citizens while retaining their Thai identity is a key component of the curriculum. Students learn how to utilize the Thai language properly and appropriately, as well as Thai etiquette, culture, customs, and democracy within the context of a constitutional monarchy.

International students

For international students, our curriculum aims to enrich the learner’s knowledge, understanding, and respect for Thai culture, while also enabling them to properly communicate with locals and enjoy life in Thailand.  

Our curriculum emphasizes three main disciplines: 

Thai language, Culture, and History. 

The Thai department's curriculum  at CMIS  was revised and modified in 2020 to be both current and appropriate for each class level. The Thai Language, Culture, and History curriculum includes religion, morals, geography, history, citizen responsibilities, Thai art, culture, and way of life . Based on recommendations from teachers who responded to the curriculum assessment questionnaire during the previous academic year, the learning unit's improvement was made in order to be consistent with the content according to the grade level and the indicator standards established by Thailand's Office of the Private Education Commission.

Thai language, culture, and history classes at Chiang Mai International School are divided into three levels of instruction: Novice , Intermediate, and Advanced.This is in accordance with the learners' ability level and contribute to the most effective teaching and learning

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