Grade 2

Grade 2 (Intermediate)

The emphasis in this course is placed on the acquisition of basic language skills, listening, speaking, and vocabulary development. Students show understanding of short-spoken phrases, statements, and questions by responding with single words or short phrases. They respond briefly to simple questions, providing basic information with short phrases supported by visual cues. They make simple requests or ask for permission and use some basic colloquial expressions. Students express personal feelings with single words or short phrases.

For reading and writing, they expand knowledge of letter-sound relationships, recognize Thai numbers, alphabets, and vowels, and understand the classes of consonants. They recognize and differentiate 2 tones and those tones differentiate meanings. They learn about three groups of consonants and Invisible Sara A words (คําที่ไม่ประวิสรรชนีย์). They also enjoy reading Aesop's Fables. Students acknowledge Thai cultural practices that are different from one’s own practices and respond to the Thai practices appropriately. They use appropriate Thai manners and gestures in the classroom, the community, and the religious place.

Students know Thai greetings, respect, understand, and practice Thai etiquette. They participate in cultural activities, Thai holidays, and celebrations or show respect for religious activities. They know history, geographical features, products, activities related to the school trips, and community culture.