"Tung" Making

In order to commemorate holidays in the traditional Lanna way, students learnt how to make a "Tung" type of flag 

The "Tung" represents fortune. The vibrant hues indicate the optimism of a new year, rejuvenation, and fortune.

We celebrated SongKran by decorating tungs produced by students all over the campus.

Rod Nam Dum Hua Ceremony 2023

The Songkran festival was observed by CMIS this year as a part of an international week. We began with the Rod-Nam Dam Hua Ceremony, a Lanna rite in which the young ask the adults for forgiveness for any wrongdoing, whether intentional and unintentional.

Northern Thailand's "Rod Nam Dum Hua" is a long-standing tradition. Traditionally, in the North, Rod Nam Dum Hua meant to "ask for forgiveness and blessing," whereas Rod Nam meant to bathe one's entire body. Subsequently, other parts of Thailand adopted this tradition. 

Typically, the Rod-Nam-Dum-Hua tradition only occurs on April 15, the final day of the Songkran holiday.

This year, fifth graders served as the school's representatives to ask for their forgiveness and express regret for any wrongdoing students may have committed against the teachers. The ceremony was successful and left a lasting impression.

Som Tum Lee Laa Contest 2023

Som Tum Lee Laa Contest has been relaunched

Since the previous launch in 2019, we have relaunched the Som Tum Lee Laa Contest. It serves to highlight cultural diversity and promote Thai culture. All of the high school kids who actively engaged in this activity were thrilled with the performance, and  the audience was delighted with the performance  .We appreciate the high school students who are participating in this event to celebrate and commemorate the Songkran festival.

Tung Making 2023

Students in MS and HS learned how to create "Tung" (ตุง) to celebrate the Songkran celebration. Tung is a Lanna flag that is typically displayed in a colorful manner. Tung, which means wealth, peace, and happiness, is used to denote auspicious occasions. "Tung" can be observed, notably on April 15th, at the Songkran festival or Pi Mai Muang ( ปี๋ใหม่เมือง) .It is customary for Lanna people to bring Tung to the temple to be placed on a sand pagoda in order to bring prosperity and fortune to their family.

HS students are making "Tung"

Our Tung are displayed all throughout our classroom.

In the classroom, colorful Tung are ornamented.