Grade 1 (Novice)

Grade 1 (Advanced)

Thai Language, Culture, and History in the first-grade level are aimed at increasing students' understanding of history and engagement. Be able to behave like a good community member. Learn local history to gain a better understanding of the history of places, their communities, and the careers of people in the community.

Students' listening, viewing, and speaking skills are improved by allowing them to tell stories, pose questions, and answer questions based on what they hear and see. Students will be able to read words, rhymes, recitations, and short passages aloud, as well as write spelling words. Dictate and write simple words and texts to accompany images. They will learn Thai language principles, Thai vowels, reduced vowels, deformation, the middle alphabet, conjugation tone, as well as how to correctly use tones.

Students learn proper behavior and the importance of self-esteem as a contributing   member of society. They display proper manners in accordance with traditions and cultures, such as paying homage and bowing properly. They show respect for the monarchies' symbols, the royal anthem, the Thai flag, and the national anthem.