Thai History

Thai History

CMIS teaches our students both Thai national history and geography with lessons including the kingdom’s chronologies, important cities and historical figures as well as the kingdom’s  constitutional monarchy. 

Thai students

Each student is assigned to do research on their interest then present their findings to their friends. The process requires multiple skills and discipline such as technology, art, creative thinking as well as appreciation for Thai history. 

International students

The lessons emphasize key historical events and the understanding of constitutional monarchy. 

Visiting Three Kings Monument and Chedi Luang Temple.

CMIS elementary students visit the Three Kings Monument and Chedi Luang Temple. To learn about the history of Chiang Mai and its neighboring provinces. 

Lanna Folklife Museum

Students learn about Lanna history and culture and describe similarities and differences of social values and life style of people of Lanna and Chiang Mai in the present. 

Thai Lue Intellectual Learning Center

Thai students and International students went to the Thai Lue Intellectual Learning Center to study about the Thai Lue way of life. Students learned how to mill rice and weave traditional wears. Following this, the CMIS team ate local Thai Lue meals and enjoyed the diversity of Lanna cuisine. At the end of the trip, all returned to school with a new perspective and appreciation towards the Thai Lue culture.

Dhanabadee Ceramic Museum

CMIS High School students visited the Dhanabadee Ceramic Museum. The first ceramic factory in Lampang, ceramic city of Thailand. The museum shows the beginning of production, chicken bowl and history of Thai ceramics and pottery manufacturing. Our students visited their galleries, the ceramics factory and the museum.

In 1965, the factory produced mini-sauce dishes and traditional sweet cups, which were baked in the Dragon Kiln. CMIS students observed how to produce the chicken bowls and the oldest Dragon Kiln which has been in process to be registered to be the historic site. It’s 50 years old. They observed how to produce the sauce bowls, Thai pudding dessert bowls and wonderful pieces are made around them. Everyone watched the manufacturing process and knew a little more about the great craftsmen working in this factory. At the last stop, there is a fantastic souvenir shop where they bought some ceramic products.