High School 

Thai 9 - Thai 12 (Thai for Native Speakers)

The course is based on Thai Language, Culture and History Curriculum by Office 

of the Private Education Commission (OPEC), Ministry of Education (MOE), Thailand and provided for Thai national students who are able to speak, read and write. Students will develop reading skills, writing skills, grammar usage, literature, Thai culture, geography and history of Thailand. The aims are to enable students to communicate accurately, appropriately and effectively in writing; enable students to understand and respond appropriately to what they read; encourage students to enjoy and appreciate the variety of Thai language and culture; complement the students’ other areas of study by developing skills of more general application (e.g. analysis, synthesis); promote the students’ personal development and an understanding of their own and others' cultures.


The materials used are selected from a variety of Thai textbooks, news, magazines and journal articles, literature, and contemporary literature. The students will attend a field trip and also be involved with Thai crafts. In addition to the acquisition of Thai literacy, Thai students will study aspects of Thai culture and history within the language class.

HS Thai FL

Thai FL is offered to students in Grades 9-12 who wish to start or to continue with studies of Thai language. The language level offered is based on student ability and fluency in Thai. This course is designed to study Thai language skills; listening, speaking, reading, writing. Of principal concern to reading and writing skills which is improve all skills in the Thai language. Students will start to learn from basic Thai consonants and vowels through to complex sentences including the contents of Thai culture and history. There are several methods to accomplish the goals of this course. First, via participation in class. Students practice on work assignments, review lessons with fun games, learn from various sources of multimedia, show capability in four skills through a presentation. Second, via activities out of class. Students will enjoy Thai activities; learning that relates to Thai culture such as Thai cooking, Thai handicrafts & arts, Thai traditional games etc. Moreover, students will gain knowledge of Thai history from field trips for analyzing the context which is related to a situation between history and the present. This includes gaining more experience from Thai traditional field trips and learning by doing that they are able to perceive the Thai lifestyle. Finally, students will have more self confidence and ability to use all skills in the Thai language effectively.