Mother's Day

Mother's Day 2022

"On Mother's Day, which is observed in Thailand on August 12th, the Thai and Foreign Language high school students learnt how to create jasmine garlands.

A jasmine garland is traditionally given to mothers in Thailand on Mother's Day as a representation of the pure love a mother has for her children and of her own unconditional love. Happy Mother's Day!"

Mother's Day 2023

"Because August 12th is the Queen Mother's birthday as well as Mother's Day in Thailand, Thai people typically celebrate this special occasion across the country. As a result, in order to promote Mother's Day, the Thai department has students from both Thai and non-Thai classes learn how to make a jasmine garland to demonstrate pageantry, an outpouring of affection, and gifts for their mother. Jasmine, which represents purity and grace, is the traditional Thai Mother's Day gift. The fragrant flower is frequently represented as a blossom, symbolizing motherhood and maternal love"