Middle School

Field Trip 2023

Thai MS classes took a cultural field trip in February. Students in Grade 6 went to the Chiangmai Cultural Center on Friday, February 3, where they learnt about the history of Chiangmai and the timeless knowledge of the Lanna people. Students in grade 7 went on a field trip to Chiangmai Old Town City Tour on Thursday, February 16. They went to Chiang Mun Temple, which is the city's oldest temple. The pagoda's elephants were counted by the students while they had fun exploring the surrounding region and temple. Grade 8 students went to Lanna Wisdom school, where they learned how to cook Khao-Soi, the Lanna dish, which is ranked the best soup in the world!

Grade 6

In front of the Three Kings Monument, children in grade 6 posed for a group picture.

Students in sixth grade investigated the Chiangmai City Model. They had a great deal to do there too.

Beatles Battle attracted the attention of kids in grade 6!

Students in sixth grade examined the museum's final room, which featured the Lanna Lunar calendar.

Students in grade 6 studied the geography of Chiangmai.

Grade 7

Students in grade 7 went to Wat Chiang Mun, the city's oldest temple. They were taking in the tour guide's explanation of the temple's history and other fascinating details.

Seventh-grade students took a sightseeing tour of the city while seated on a hop-on/hop-off bus.

A student at Chiang Mun Temple attempted to ring a large bell to hear how it sounded.

15 elephants appear to emerge from the Elephant Chedi, which is surrounded by them.

In front of The Elephant Chedi, they made a wish.

Grade 8

Making Khao-soi, a well-known traditional Lanna cuisine, was fun for grade 8 students.

Each team was busy preparing  Khoa-soi for their team members.

Students learned how to make red curry paste with  a stone mortar.

Thai dessert "ka-nom-lin-maa"  (ขนมลิ้นหมา) 

Grade 8 student learned how to make "ka-nom-lin-maa"

Students waiting  in queue for  Butterfly Pea Tea .

Weave  small baskets  made from bamboo.Everything is organic !