Thai Day

Thai Day 2019

The Thai department organizes "Thai Day," a curriculum-required event, every other year to give both Thai and international students the opportunity to acquire knowledge about and engage with Thai culture, traditions, way of life, and society. Also, it gives an opportunity for the entire community to learn about inclusion and diversity.

Throughout the day, both students and staff will take part in Thai performances, play traditional games, sample cuisine from various parts of Thailand, and visit workshops where they can learn how to make Thai crafts.

Thai Day 2024

On Friday, February 2nd, CMIS celebrated a vibrant International Day and Thai Day filled with cultural pride and joy! There are international food booths, performances by the World Language Department, a stunning Thai costume fashion show, and the energetic Som Tum LeeLa Dancing Competition. Students and parents came together to promote international and Thai culture. It was an unforgettable day of laughter, tradition, and unity that left everyone with happy memories and a deeper appreciation for Thailand's beauty."

High school students captivated the audience with their mesmerizing performance of 'กลองสะบัดชัย' (Klong Sabatchai) on Thai Day. Their skillful rendition resonated with the essence of Lanna culture, showcasing talent and dedication to preserving our heritage. A moment of cultural pride and celebration at its finest!"

ES students enthusiastically joined in various activities on both International Day and Thai Day, embracing diversity and celebrating Thai culture. Their energetic participation added joy and vibrancy to the events, fostering a sense of unity and appreciation for different cultures among our young learners. A testament to their curiosity and open-mindedness, making every moment memorable and enriching for all!"

High school students dazzled the crowd in vibrant Thai costumes and showcased their flair in the ส้มตำลีลา (Som Tum Leela) activities on Thai Day! Their enthusiastic participation not only honored Thai culture but also exemplified unity and cultural appreciation within our school community. A memorable day filled with creativity, diversity, and pride in our shared heritage!