Grade 4

Grade 4 (Advanced)

Fourth-grade Thai language, culture, and history lessons emphasize understanding the community, life, way of life, language, and religion of people during the Sukhothai era. This is done to encourage students to love and respect their ancestors who helped Thailand become what it is today. Additionally, in order for them to understand the value of protecting local environmental resources, students are taught about the river's significance and traditions related to it.

In order to develop the habits of reading, listening, speaking, and articulating ideas, students will also learn poems, including their recitation. Students will practice writing plot diagrams, thought diagrams, synopses, and poems in eight poems or polite poems as they learn to present facts and opinions from reading prose. Additionally, they will practice using a dictionary to determine the meaning of words while learning the fundamentals of Thai, including diphthongs and lead letters.

Additionally, students are taught the value of the monarchy in Thai society and democratic culture to help them comprehend the King's position as the nation's most beloved figure.

Students are taught how to conduct themselves appropriately when hearing the national anthem and the royal anthem, how to show respect in various contexts by paying respects and bowing appropriately.  Students will gain knowledge and comprehension of the day's important Thai-related events, including Loy Krathong and Songkran, as well as international holidays like Father's Day, Mother's Day, Teacher's Day, and Wai Khru Day.